As a professional services organisations, you should feel confident that your PSA software supports your resource management and plans for future growth. Delivering the world-class PSA software solutions with unmatched agility, Agilyx (formerly Agresso) gives your organisation the tools you need to efficiently utilise resources, and get accurate, single-source data across your entire company.

Modernise your outdated legacy system with leading-edge solutions. Make project profitability the core of your business and exceed your customer expectations with PSA software that actively supports your organisation’s strategy and growth.

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Change-ready for the professional services sector

Project success depends upon many things. One of them being the ability to adapt to changes quickly and effectively. Empower your organisation’s resource and project management to be change-ready with a reliable and flexible PSA software solution. Whether you’ve got a new project that demands resources, or changes to scope in a current one, Agilyx gives you the tools to act fast whenever you need to.

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Deliver projects on time, budget and scope

By getting an intuitive system with a single point of truth, you can empower your people to deliver projects on time, budget and scope. Access all your data whenever you need to, set up detailed deliverables, establish strong project controls and be flexible to change. Agilyx delivers professional services software that lets you grow revenue by connecting with your project strategy.

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Real-time finances at your fingertips

Improve accountability and gain real time finances with a single source for all your finances, resources and projects. Discover PSA software solutions that let you report on past, present and future finances and confidently manage your budgets and forecasting. With multi-currency capabilities, get a global view on your projects, and maximise utilisation, WIP and changes to scope.

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Grow your revenue

Successfully utilise your resources by getting the right people on the right projects. Implementing long term solutions that deliver on ROI, Agilyx gives professional services organisations the power to identify new opportunities, effectively manage resources, and gain more customers.

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Outstanding customer services

Exceed your customer's expectations by empowering your team to meet their targets. Agilyx’s intuitive professional services software, gives you clever tools to improve your KPIs management and efficiency. With user-friendly systems, let your team easily stay on track with their objectives, and deliver projects on time to keep your customers happy.

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Fast, secure and reliable cloud

It’s important that your PSA software runs quickly and securely. Agilyx delivers cloud PSA services with the highest security standards. We ensure your business continuity by hosting in a private cloud that gives you the flexibility and control you need. Agile and fast-acting, let your team use your system on-the-go, and feel confident that it’s performing at its best.

Revolutionising the way professional services organisations operate

“We exist in a dynamic and fast changing project-based environment and from the wide range of products we looked at, Unit4’s solution was the only one which could deliver comprehensive project accounting and management information to the standards we require”


“Facilitated by the development and evolution of Unit4 Business World, Kinetic IT are continuously evolving business processes and systems with a focus on aligning our people, partners and underpinning assets to our service lifecycle, service engagements and customers. It is an evolution not a revolution and a long-term relationship not speed dating.”

Russell Decent, CFO, Kinetic IT

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