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As a Payroll Manager, you need a system that acts as a single point of truth and lets you know when employees situations change. Understanding the needs of Payroll Managers, Agilyx delivers payroll solutions that let you automate processes, easily focus on exceptions, and give you a timely and accurate way to complete all your payroll tasks.

Discover how Agilyx supports Payroll Managers

Streamline your manual processes

You need payroll programs that cut out time spent inputting raw data, and lets you focus on the exceptions. Agilyx’s solutions give you the ability to automate data input and validation from across multiple sources. With an intuitive system, easily identify exceptions and know when to take action, with clear signals for when things don’t add up.

  • Automated data input and validation from different sources
  • Ability to configure your payroll system to become completely self-driving
  • User-friendly system that anyone can use
  • Easily identify and hone in on exceptions


Adapt to all your payroll requirements

Complete your payroll on time and with accuracy, with Agilyx’s leading payroll solutions. Get a smart payroll program that lets you deal with deductions, tax, entitlements, and other payroll complexities, without the headache. And by giving you all your payroll information in one place, you can now access all past, current and future data from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Focused on management by exception
  • Automated calculations based off rules
  • Easily update rules for calculations of entitlements
  • Easily reflect exact pay, benefits and deduction arrangements for each individual employee
  • Structured for multiple posts, pay scales and seniority processing

Keep up with compliance standards

With changing compliance, tax and regulations, you need an agile system that can adapt to any change that comes your way. Implemented by Agilyx, get a payroll solution that lets you easily update rules and flag issues with compliance in real time. With the ability to shape the system to suit your needs, ensure your organisation is running at the highest standard.

  • Direct insight for quick reference checks for comparisons
  • Completely configurable drill down screens to suit the needs of the user; be it payroll consultant, department manager, or controller
  • Adapt to reporting regulation changes
  • Access historical data

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Solutions for Payroll Managers

Unit4 Business World HR & Payroll

As a leading ERP system, Unit4 Business World is designed to suit the unique needs of Payroll Managers. Offering a range of smart and user-friendly tools, get the ability to do quick and accurate payroll tasks. Completely customisable, get cloud payroll software that accommodates all your payroll complexities, across different countries, regulations and currencies.

Unit4 Business World HR & Payroll provides:

  • Payroll dashboard for instant insight into process and exceptions
  • Notifications on number of days before a payroll run should be started and payments confirmed
  • Direct access to historical payroll information for review and comparison
  • Details of the exact pay, benefits and deductions arrangements that relate to each individual employee are readily available
  • Complete payroll configuration and the definition of unlimited payments and deductions (P&D) codes to create distinct pay structures
  • Functionality for payroll simulation, re-runs, reversal and back-pay calculations to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.
  • General Ledger analysis that is linked to different positions to ensure accurate allocation of costs


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