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As HR Directors, you and your team need employee management software that ensures you’re doing all the right things for your people. Agilyx delivers solutions that reduce time-wasting HR admin, enable your people to self-service, and give you a clear picture of all departments, so you can continue to add value to your organisation.

Discover how Agilyx supports HR Directors

Reduce the administrative burden of your HR processes

Transform your HR processes with Agilyx’s implemented HR solutions. Delivering user-friendly, automated processes, Agilyx lets HR Directors eliminate time-wasting admin and frees you up to focus on helping your employees with valuable career progression and growth.

  • Stay up to date with changing rules and regulations
  • Reduce costly manual errors by automating processes
  • Collaborate with workflows for recurring processes
  • Easily adapt to legislative changes

Lead the direction and put your people in the driver’s seat

Let your employees to tick off HR tasks with ease. Implemented by Agilyx, get an HR solution that cuts out slow administrative processes and gives your employees user-friendly, self-service tools so they can manage their tasks themselves. From absence, to leave, to expense claims, stay on top of all HR data and make your CEO happy by providing all steering information in just a click.

  • Self-service portals for employees and management
  • Specialist tools for absence, time management and expenses
  • Up to date reporting on organisational HR costs
  • Automatic policy management

Nurture the leaders in your organisation

Agilyx delivers Human Resources solutions that empower HR Directors to focus on their people. Get tools that help you facilitate valuable hiring and training, whilst getting access to the right data that tells you how your people are performing. Agilyx helps you discover a proactive management style that supports the vision of your organisation.

  • Use an appraisal system that offers clarity for both staff and management
  • Incorporate tools for self-direction
  • Internal mobility guidance and self-directed career path planning that helps retain talent
  • Tools that let you identify your high-performers

Encourage collaboration and drive your organisation forward

By integrating HR and Projects, Agilyx delivers HR solutions that give you up to date data across your organisation. Get a system that encourages collaboration through multiple perspectives, and let management identify the right people for the right project. With smart, up to date reporting, get the confidence to deliver effective reports to your senior leadership team and help lead the direction of your organisation.

  • Improve communication and involvement, enabling easy collaboration
  • Integrate HR and Projects to visualize how to best allocate your resources
  • Use real-time BI on people and information at a glance
  • Prepare for the unpredictable with effective planning and risk management
  • Up to date reporting across your organisation

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