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As a CFO in a large organisation, you need to have a strong handle on where all your financials are at, and that means getting financial management software that works for you. Financially-focussed, Agilyx implements ERP solutions that are tailored to the needs of CFOs. Cut out costly manual processes, achieve timely reporting and get a big picture view of your organisation so you can make smart decisions to drive your company forward.

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Focus on the bigger picture

Agilyx’s CFO software solutions empower you to become strategic with a big picture view of the organisation. With a single point of truth for all your data, stop profits from falling between operational cracks and focus on making strategically-sound decisions to move your business forward.

  • Execute processes efficiently with a single point of truth
  • Eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets for collaboration
  • Real-time analysis mobile analysis in graphs, charts or tables
  • Get fully integrated systems between sales, services delivery and finance
  • Automate manual processes and reduce admin time while ensuring accuracy

Uncomplicate your month end

Implemented by Agilyx, our CFO software solutions let you conquer period end. Gain complete transparency and clear audit trails when you need to and easily work out what’s outstanding and work through late adjustment changes with clear and straightforward reporting. Gain the control you need with an across-the-board overview of your accounts.

  • Get a single version of the truth
  • Full visibility into billing history
  • Quickly and accurately re-run reports
  • Intuitive time and expense management
  • Easily track activity on account record

Take the sting out of revenue recognition

Delivered by Agilyx, discover CFO solutions that take the heavy lifting out of revenue recognition. Stay up to date with revenue recognition changes and streamline your processes in a fast and accurate way with our financial management software. By automating manual calculations and processes, reduce manual errors and free up your team to focus on value add tasks, not time-wasting admin.

  • Get a system that’s ready for revenue recognition changes
  • Accurately reflect your revenue recognition
  • Automate manual revenue recognition calculations
  • Ensure you meet your reporting obligations
  • Save time reworking your comparatives

ERPs in 2018: A Complete Guide for CFOs

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