The best of our Business World consultants and the latest in training methodology

Good training sets you up for success and empowers everyone in your organisation to perform better. At Agilyx Training we put experienced consultants together with qualified trainers to make your Agresso learning effective, easy, and relevant to your job. With our decades of industry experience, we know the kinds of questions you ask, the scenarios you face, and the extra back-up and support you need along the way. Our fresh and engaging approach to training saves you time – and patience – helping you maximise the return of your ERP investment.

Agilyx Training - eLearning - UBW Agresso Training Online - Onboarding for new employees

Onboarding for all your new employees

Self service online learning bundles enable your new staff to learn how to use Business World quickly and efficiently in their own time – with minimal input from managers or Human Resources. New staff are empowered to self-manage and navigate within the courses, helping them get straight to the knowledge they need for their role.

Agilyx Training - eLearning - UBW Agresso Training Online - Upskilling your system administrators

Upskilling your system administrators

Gain the inside knowledge of our expert consultants about how best to manage your system. Choose from our extensive course catalogue, sign up for a ‘Talk to the Expert’ webinar, or book yourself a power session to boost your staff’s abilities. Unlock key insights from the people who've already mastered it - everything you always wanted to know.

Agilyx Training - UBW Agresso Training Online - Maintaining organisational knowledge

Maintaining organisational knowledge

Avoid losing vital knowledge about your system and its functionality when key professional users leave your organisation. We offer comprehensive learning bundles of online courses for each organisational role, as well as the opportunity for tailored supplementary sessions – you can ensure your continued organisational competency.

Agilyx Training - UBW Agresso Training Online - Enabling smooth upgrades to the latest versions

Enabling smooth upgrades to latest versions

Empower your team to take full advantage of the improvements in newer versions of Business World. Learn about the changes and how they can help you work more effectively. Practise on our gold standard, fully configured online training database* – a unique opportunity to gain confidence and broaden application skills.

Comprehensive online catalogue

Agilyx Training online courses are designed to be the foundation of your training solution. The catalogue covers not only the most popular and widely-used Agresso modules, but also the less common modules that are usually only taught in the classroom.  You’re able to dig in and select the best options for you. 

We also recommend the best learning pathways for all your different organisational roles, packaged in great-value learning bundles to make it simple for you. 

Easy to navigate and effective to learn with, our courses take a modular approach using a micro-learning style. We make sure that you can get straight to the information you need!


Our catalogue gives you access to:

Our training resources include short, dynamic videos that give you the context and conceptual framework of what you’re going to be working with. No longer than 7 minutes in length, these are designed to thoroughly educate you in short bursts – maximising the capacity of your attention span. 

Build a clear understanding of Business World, and learn the key system concepts that enable you to use and adapt it effectively in your area of business.

Our experienced consultants will show you through different aspects of Business World functionality. With narration and commentary that combines expertise with fresh, up-to-date training methodology, we ensure your success with the training.

We’ll run you through the specifics and give details and tips on how to best utilise your Business World package. Learn what things to look out for, and find out what will make the system work best for your business.

Courses include sections with screen shots and comprehensive step-by-step instructions showing specific aspects of Business World functionality. 

We always make sure our courses appeal to all types of learners. Our walk-throughs are a particularly useful tool for visual learners. With clear and hands-on procedures to follow, they’re highly effective for learning repeatable procedures.

We back up your learning by stimulating your visual learning pathways, incorporating a variety of process diagrams to clearly and correctly display procedures. You get a clear, visual depiction of typical and best practice business processes. 

Our process diagrams are downloadable and printable for future reference – a great way to embed your learning and give you instructions for action.

Our information cards transport your training resources into a tangible item that assists your learning. Key points on a topic are summed up in an accessible, colourful infographic style format. They’re designed to be visually attractive, with information laid out clearly and concisely. 

The information cards prompt the way your brain works, providing for a variety of different learning styles. Downloadable in printable format, you can keep them where you want them.

Take a look at our comprehensive course catalogue

Mix and match – online and in the classroom

The extensive mix of online courses available in the catalogue is the foundation for all your training solutions. You can choose to supplement and consolidate them with training options designed for the more experienced learner. 

Our advanced options give you direct access to our expert Business World consultants – you get the freedom to ask for what you need, exactly when you need it.

Gold Standard Training Database   

Effective training needs an effective database. The Agilyx Training Database offers best practice configuration covering multiple sectors. Regularly updated and integrated with all our training resources, it uniquely guarantees you a streamlined and effective training experience.

This database will be available to all our enterprise customers*.

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Covers multiple sectors

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Latest version

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Created and maintained by experts

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Real time examples

Expert Consultants, Qualified Trainers and the latest in learning methodology 

Agilyx Training is backed by over two decades of experience working on projects around the world. Our dedicated training and development department is made up of expert consultants and professional trainers – so that we can deliver your learning the way you need it. 

All our material has been developed with an understanding of how it is that you learn, as well as comprehensive subject knowledge of what it is you want to be able to do.

Micro, Modular and Mobile

Micro-learning approach

Research shows that we best learn new skills in bite-sized bits that are absorbable and buildable.

Our e-learning materials have a mix of media, pace and timing in order to activate more of the brain’s capacity to learn and cater to a variety of learning styles. The dynamic, animated videos and demonstrations are anything from 2 to 7 minutes. Designed to be light and fun, text is short, engaging and to the point and diagrams are clear, colourful and easy to comprehend.

Take a look at a couple of our videos:

Pick and choose with modular learning

Our modular learning approach is built on practicality. It enables you to learn at your own pace and create a learning pathway that best suits your needs. We have designed our catalogue so that all the courses work independently. You can also move easily between each of the course elements – you don’t have to sit through what doesn’t fit your needs.

Business World is an ERP system with a high degree of integration between its different modules. You will often require comprehensive training across a number of modules in order to completely take away what you need. At Agilyx Training we have a thorough understanding of Business World – we know what you need from it to be able to do your job well. To make it easier for you, we offer ‘learning bundles’ of courses that will equip each of the different organisational roles, and ensure that you can get the Agresso training that’s best for your job.

Mobile for learning on-the-go

Our mobile learning is all about the philosophy of accessible and versatile learning.

Log on anywhere on the go – 24 hours, 7 days a week

Mobile learning is cloud-based and easy to access. The only thing you need is an internet connection. We use TalentLMS as our learning platform to access our business training on-the-go.

With minimal downtime, our training portals are available around the clock. So whether you’re from Melbourne, Mumbai, or Manchester, you’re covered!

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