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At Agilyx, we understand that security is paramount. With this in mind, we make sure every customer gets a secure, reliable and industry-certified cloud data security service. As a trusted ERP service provide, we empower organisations to be lean and agile with their software, by backing them up with strong information security standards. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring our customers get the right level of security to protect their confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, across their entire organisation.

Get the security and assurance you need, with a personal approach

Our success is in our ability to provide assurance that the information entrusted by our customers is – and will remain – secure. With a personal, collaborative approach, we work with you to explore possible risks and challenges, working out smart mitigation plans to limit potential business exposures.

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Proven, leading cloud credentials: ISO27001

As a cloud-first company, we know that data security, compliance and the management of your ERP cloud deployment matters most to you. Agilyx is an ISO27001 accredited organisation, the highest global standard available for information security management systems today. That means you can rely on our services to meet and exceed security standards for cloud data management.

Our comprehensive information security management system gives our customers the freedom to grow, innovate and broaden their operations, knowing that their information assets are managed securely with the Agilyx team.

Agilyx’s certified ISMS assures our customers that their data is secure throughout its lifecycle, and information security is integrated with all services provided to them from the different Agilyx Business Units (BU), such as:

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Information Technology

Get comprehensive server provisioning maintenance and decommissioning. We deliver secure data at rest and data in transit, securing network perimeters, data backup and restore, data retention and disposal. In addition, our cloud hosting infrastructure is ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

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Customer Services

Our team follows a set of internal processes and procedures to provide support that exceeds agreed upon SLA and contractual requirements. You get the power to monitor and limit access to different secure development and support tools, ensuring complete confidentiality of contacts and environment details.

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With a well-established recruitment process, we ensure consistent hiring standards, bringing on board the right experts, with required screening and back-ground checks. We also ensure secure record keeping and maintain strict access protocols for all confidential customer information.

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Professional Services

We follow Unit4 Implementation Methodology (U4IM) along with clear mandated security policies and processes. Across our implementation and project management, we ensure appropriate security considerations and measures for all required information.

Partnering with Microsoft Azure to keep you secure

To ensure your information is kept safe and secure, Agilyx partners with Microsoft Azure, an industry-leading cloud service. Operating across the globe, we meet a range of international and industry-specific compliance standards – so you can feel confident that your organisation gets a reliable, secure and fast cloud service that consistently meets your unique requirements.