Whether you’re a bank, an insurance company, or a finance organisation, you need a system that’s flexible to your needs. Delivering leading-edge solutions, Agilyx offers financial services ERP software that empowers you to track success, keep costs down, maintain service levels and identify growth opportunities when they come about.

Get a smart ERP that seamlessly integrates with new or existing systems and adapts with your organisation as it grows. With up-to-date data and full visibility, gain clear audit trails and stay up to date with compliance standards – improving transparency across your entire organisation.

Unlock the benefits of intelligent financial services software


Be change-ready

Financial organisations of today need to continually adapt to structural “disturbance”, whether that’s caused by a re-organisation, merger, acquisition or new line of business. What sets our financial services ERP solutions apart is their continued agility and flexibility, letting you adjust your system and organisation to embrace change – long after initial implementation.

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People-centric solutions

You deserve a financial services ERP that works for you. With a personal approach, the Agilyx Team delivers people-centric solutions that are tailored to the needs of financial service organisations. Working closely with your team, we take the time to understand exactly how your organisation operates. That way, we’re able to deliver flexible solutions customised for your users with helpful training to ensure every team member has the confidence to use your system.

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Enhance your reporting capabilities

Discover smart, multicurrency reporting tools that deliver the kind of up to date reports you need. Implementing intuitive and user-friendly solutions, Agilyx empowers financial services to gain a big picture view of the organisation, analyse key insights and trends and automate time-wasting processes. Gain fast, accurate and timely reports so you can make smart decisions for your organisation.

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Get real-time finances

Get full visibility into your finances with leading-edge financial accounting software and solutions delivered by Agilyx. With fast and agile systems, be able to access real-time finances whenever you need. Improve your accountability and gain better insights so you can react to any changes with fast, strategic and well-informed decisions.

Flexible solutions, tailored to the needs of your people

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Fast and secure cloud services

Feel confident that you can run your financial services software everywhere, anytime. Our expert cloud services team offer secure, fast and reliable cloud platforms for your system. Delivering cloud solutions customised for you, get the privacy and security you want, with the control you need to ensure your system is always performing for your organisation.

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Be agile to market changes

In today’s fast-paced world, financial organisations need to quickly adapt to restructures, mergers, acquisitions, and ever-changing economies. Agilyx implements solutions that empower you to be agile, with systems designed to adapt to any changes that your organisation faces.

Transforming global financial service companies with innovative solutions

“During conversations with the Unit4 consultants and demonstrations of the software, it was apparent that this software could considerably raise the formalization, visibility and auditability of our business operations”

Manager Financial Administration, AXA Insurances B.V.

“We have to be able to compare/calculate our actual investments, which is an area where most ERP accounting solutions fall short. The depth and detail of the Unit4 solution is extremely sophisticated, accurate and change-ready”


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