Engage and empower your employees with Agilyx Workforce Manager – an enterprise level workforce management solution with the perfect balance of automation, intelligence and usability.

Agilyx Workforce Manager is a market-leading system that assists in managing organisational headcount allocation, scheduling, time and attendance tracking, pay award interpretation and integrated payroll and Human Resource management. Through the streamlining of systems, Agilyx Workforce Manager allows organisations across all industries to achieve their goals and vision.

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Agilyx - Workforce Manager - Seamlessly automate time capture to pay icon

Seamlessly automate time capture to pay

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Effectively manage labour costs

Agilyx - Workforce Manager - Seamlessly automate time capture to pay icon

Reduce legislative and compliance risks

Agilyx Workforce Manager software features

Roster Optimisation: Maximise your workforce productivity while maintaining the critical balance between customer service and controlling labour costs with an advanced roster optimisation engine.

Time & Attendance: Using the latest time capture technology, increase visibility and control of your workforce with real time attendance and action driven alerts.

Absence Management: Reduce the possibility of fraud and time theft with simplified absence management, including smart backfilling for planned and unplanned leave.

Award Interpretation: Reduce manual errors and save time with automated employee award calculations and seamless importation into any payroll system.

Employee Self Service (ESS): Bridge the gap between your management team and your employees – engage and empower your employees to manage their own data and eliminate unnecessary work.


Reporting: Access and extract valuable data insights using standard data connections with a fast and reliable approach.

Payroll: Accelerate payroll processing time and empower your payroll team by eliminating manual keying and automating processes.

Human Resource Management: Reduce administrative tasks and save your HR team time so you can plan and ensure your workforce is aligned with corporate strategy.

Project Costing and Billing: Automate the time capture to client billing process, improving invoicing turnaround and lowering revenue leakage.

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Promote employee empowerment

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Integrate with project costing and billing

Agilyx - Workforce Manager - Improved employee performance productivity

Improved employee performance and productivity

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