Discover a student management system that’s made for education institutions of today. Implemented by Agilyx, Unit4’s Student Management brings you the next-generation student information system software. Reduce your IT support costs, give your students an intuitive mobile experience, and get a system that supports your strategic initiatives.

Attract more students and build valuable relationships with alumni and donors. Designed to help education institutions stay ahead in today’s competitive student market, Unit4’s student information system software gives you the tools to build relationships across your entire student lifecycle. With clever workflow tools and real-time reporting, employ data-driven marketing strategies to automate outreach campaigns.

By giving you an all-in-one system to use across your entire institution, you get a 360° view of every individual, from potential candidate through to alumni – allowing you to nurture ongoing relationships and support your institution’s future growth.

In the ever-changing and competitive educational sector, Unit4 gives you a software solution that directly supports your strategic initiatives. Designed with a flexible architecture, the system moves with your organisation as it grows and evolves, enabling you to update your system and processes without the need to hire costly IT consultants.

Boost efficiency by automating the entire student lifecycle and eliminate the expense of managing disparate systems. Unit4’s intelligent system also lets you gain actionable data with built-in analytics, enabling you to analyse key metrics and know where your institution is at today, so you can confidently plan for the future.

Help your students stay on track by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Built for today’s mobile user, Unit4 gives you a student management system that your students can use whenever, wherever.

By providing students with everything they need to manage all their academic affairs in one place – from timetables, to course info, to fees – get the power to provide your students with all the resources they need. Designed for everyone in your institution, the system is also built for staff, administration and faculty members, giving you the tools to build strong relationships with each student and identify at-risk students when you need to. Unit4 empowers you to provide students with the highest level of service and keep them on track to success.

Agilyx and Unit4: a leading student management system with a proactive team

As a Unit4 partner for over 17 years, Agilyx has delivered transformational solutions for education institutions around the world. Agilyx’s innovative and agile implementation approach seamlessly matches Unit4’s Student Management System, enabling us to provide intelligent solutions for the modern day education sector.

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