Use your time and funding wisely by getting a future-proof ERP system that’s designed for the needs of Not-for-Profits and NGOs. Agilyx implements cost-effective non-profit software solutions that cleverly adapt to changes in funding and budgets, and empower you to streamline your workforce.

Our ERPs for Not-for-Profits and NGOs are designed to handle all your unique financial management requirements, from tax, to regulation, to complex donor reporting and analysis. Discover non-profit software that meets all your needs and lets you focus on what matters most.

Unlock the benefits of a tailor-made ERP for Not-for-Profits and NGOs

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Change-ready for the not-for-profit sector

As a not-for-profit organization, need to know where your organization is going and be ready for any changes that come your way. Whether you need to adapt to regulatory and budgetary changes, or are introducing a new initiative, feel confident that your system can handle any change.

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Invest in a future-proof ERP

Investing in non-profit software is a big move. You should feel confident that you’re getting a future-proof system that will keep up with your organization in the long term. Delivering solutions that embrace flexible architectures, Agilyx gives you the tools to adapt your system when you need to, ensuring you get a smart, sustainable and valuable ERP that grows with your organization.

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Be more efficient and concentrate your resources on benefiting others

Delivering all-in-one non-profit software, Agilyx lets you concentrate your resources on the causes that matter most. Built with multi-location capabilities, bring all your sites together on one platform and get everybody using the same system. Equipped with multi-currency features, get a single point of truth and let your team easily use the system wherever and whenever they need to.

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Easily check financial health

NGOs need to have a solid handle on their organization’s financial health. Agilyx’s not-for-profit accounting software, lets you easily track expenditures, improve financial transparency, and get fast and accurate reporting at the touch of a button. Whether you need to prepare a board report, or ad hoc analysis for a new funding application, do it all from one system and keep your financial health in check.

Non-Profit software that’s built for your people

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Be transparent about where your money is going

Confidently keep your donors and board informed by communicating where money is going and meeting reporting obligations. Agilyx delivers solutions that align your funds with how you're using them. With smart reporting tools, get the power to benchmark results in financial reports without diverting resources from your main focus.

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Get a long-term cloud solution

Avoid unnecessary spending on costly IT hardware, and get a smart, secure and reliable cloud solution. Agilyx’s cloud services give non-profit-organizations privacy, security and transparency on a fast cloud platform, designed for long term cost-effectiveness and year-on-year sustainability.

Helping Not-for-Profits and NGOs achieve their mission

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“Since 2014, Agilyx Director of Services Paula McKeown has done a fantastic job implementing our Payroll module and helping us maintain the system with her excellent customer service. Paula was able to explain complicated configuration to new users without overwhelming them, was always available for questions with a quick response time and actually made the process of building Payroll fun. I can honestly say I couldn’t do my job if it wasn’t for Paula, and I am grateful for her assistance.”

– Internews

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“Agilyx was engaging and professional right from the start when we needed improvements to our reporting and payroll processes. They were very accommodating of our timeline and budget, as we worked together to achieve a more efficient Business World solution for our Not-for-Profit organization.”

– Bethany

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“The Agilyx team delivered high quality custom solutions with thorough documentation and instruction for installation and use. The Agilyx development team demonstrated an exceptional ability to communicate and deliver on time, within budget while ensuring quality.”

– The Nature Conservancy

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