Discover a smarter way to utilise your project management system and enhance project profitability

As a Director of Professional Services, you need to know you’re getting the best value and efficiency out of your people, while keeping your customers satisfied. Agilyx implements the professional services automation (PSA) solutions that give you complete visibility across every project, helping you maintain best practice methodologies and stay ahead of challenges before they become a problem.

How Agilyx supports Professional Services Directors

Get the most out of your people without burning them out

You need a way to ensure you’re utilising your people and resources effectively. Agilyx’s innovative PSA software solutions give you a single view into all your resources, with the ability to view by availability, skill set and future potential, so you can feel confident about getting the right people for the right projects.

  • Standardisation of methodologies
  • Allocate the right people to the project
  • Identify all key stakeholders in one single point of truth
  • View employees by skill set, availability, current work and future potential

Be proactive and exceed your customer’s expectations 

Successfully manage your organisation and customer expectations by transforming your project management. Get a project management system with the tools to enforce project management best practices, with a 360° view of all projects, so you know where you need to focus, can stay one step ahead of challenges and drive results.

  • Manage project profitability and other key metrics in real time
  • 360° view of all your projects
  • Visibility into timelines across the organisation
  • Real time view of project financials at every stage
  • Identify challenges before they become a problem

Partner with sales and win the right business 

Providing all-in-one solutions, Agilyx’s PSA software solutions empower you to proactively align your sales and services delivery. With full visibility across the entire sales pipeline, you get the right insight into projects, so you know when to deploy the right people ahead of time and ensure successful project delivery.

  • A single point of truth for sales and services delivery
  • Identify all projects in the sales pipeline
  • View project status, availability and history
  • Empower sales and services delivery to communicate openly

Easily compare KPIs across all projects

Get a system that empowers you with full visibility so you can efficiently view and manage tasks, resources and project financials, at the touch of a button. By seeing every project from start to finish, you can gain key learnings and insights to improve KPIs across your entire organisation.

  • Maximise project profitability
  • Access up to date revenue, billing and margin health
  • Streamline billing and revenue recognition
  • Easily compare projects to see where you can improve
  • Standardise and adjust your KPIs as your organisation grows
  • Gain insight into key learnings to successfully plan for the future

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FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA)

FinancialForce’s Professional Services Automation brings together all your services delivery in a single point of truth. Gain unprecedented visibility into your organisation across sales, services delivery and finance. With intuitive tools, schedule the right people onto the right projects, easily track billing and time, and see into every stage of the services delivery.

Proactively-focused, FinancialForce empowers you to discover valuable learnings from your projects so you can continue to improve the efficiency of your services delivery.

FinancialForce PSA provides:

  • Resource management
  • Sales engagement
  • PSA communities
  • Project management
  • Project financials
  • Time and expenses
  • Billing and revenue recognition
  • Dashboards and reporting


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