Enhance your organisation by bringing all your financials together

Meeting the needs of complex financial departments, Agilyx delivers Unit4’s leading-edge financial management software. Streamline your cash management, get quick-access reporting and meet your compliance needs with an all-in-one ERP finance solution.

Unit4 Business World’s financial management software gives you an intelligent financial management system, letting you streamline financial processes, embed best-practice operation and improve business visibility.

Unit4 Business World lets you:

  • Gain powerful tools to streamline and improve budget registration, consolidation and analysis
  • Get full control and consolidation of all financial and statistical information
  • Manage fixed assets, customers, suppliers and bank accounts simply, accurately and cost-effectively
  • Benefit from one visible and auditable process flow with an intelligent control management framework
  • Report, model and analyse your business in smart, strategic ways

Designed for even the most fast-changing enterprises, Unit4’s unique architecture is tailored to the needs of CFOs and finance teams. Delivering user-focussed tools in a single point of truth, get a system that supports your entire record to report cycle.

Unit4 empowers you to make smart, strategic financial decisions by giving you full visibility and reporting accuracy at the touch of a button. Get real-time reports and empower your people to focus on analysing the data, not inputting it.

Discover the benefits of Unit4 financial management software

Safeguard business agility

Unit4’s financial management software is designed to be changed, developed and moulded, without costly programming or consultancy. Whether you want to integrate a newly acquired organisation, or quickly implement account structure re-organisations, Unit4 gives you the power to be change-ready.

Deliver better business visibility

Get a flexible system that’s built to “get information out.” Made for users at any level of the organisation, access real-time data when you require, so you can make the right decisions for your organisation. Feel confident that when your reporting needs change, your system changes with it.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Designed with real people in mind, Unit4’s financial management systems help users streamline their day-to-day tasks, with clear, easy-to-use dashboards and tools. Easily automate manual processes and empower your people to collaborate in one place. Free up your people to focus on value-adding strategic work.

Minimize compliance risks

With historical data and accurate reporting tools, Unit4’s financial management software helps CFOs overcome mounting regulatory pressures by enabling end-to-end compliance across a wide range of regulatory regimes for local and international accounting standards.

Unit4’s Financial management software features

General ledger: get full financial and managerial control of your organisation’s operations

Accounts payable: instantly see all aspects of supplier accounts, including amounts owed and debts outstanding

Accounts receivable: an effective and secure solution for invoice entry, payment follow-up, registration of payments and sales analyses

Asset accounting: comprehensive financial and managerial asset control with multiple depreciation methods, and AP and general ledger integration to reduce errors and improve efficiency

Reporting and analytics: built-in reporting and inquiry tools that allow you to capitalise on the wealth of information available and giving you a head start when planning and budgeting

Business process management: model and map out business processes, track and report on progress and accurately review performance metrics

Multi-everything: Unit4 meets the needs of global finance departments with multi-company, multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities

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