Take control and make smart decisions for your organisation

Unit4 Business World’s financial planning, forecasting and budgeting software gives you a clear view of your organisation, with the right tools to effectively plan for your organisation’s future strategy and growth.

Unit4’s intelligent budgeting and forecasting software tools empower you to focus on business improvement, not time-wasting processes. This end-to-end system gives you all the right data in the right place, at the right time.

With full visibility, get accurate and up to date data that supports your entire management cycle and ensures maximum efficiency and quality. Transparent and agile, make your budgeting, planning and forecasting more data-driven and get the confidence to make well-informed decisions for your organisation.

Designed for even the most complex, fast-changing businesses, Unit4’s budgeting software is made for everyone in the planning and budgeting cycles. Bringing together all your information in a single point of truth, it gives your people the tools and data to confidently plan for your organisation’s future.

Unit4 assists Financial Managers who need to gain control over the accuracy, completeness and timelines of their budgeting process. It also enables planning departments to create forecasts and perform “what-if” analysis wherever, whenever.

With a range of capabilities, Unit4’s budgeting and forecasting software assists organisations in the areas of financial planning and budgeting, resource planning, project planning and forecasting. Unit4’s clever budgeting software meets the diverse requirements of organisations, providing you with the tools to create budgets, while giving management the ability to review performance and take appropriate action.

Discover the benefits of Unit4’s planning, forecasting and budgeting software

A clearer picture of day-to-day operations

Streamlining your budgeting and forecasting processes, Unit4 lets you automatically generate supporting transactions, from income and expense postings, to day-to-day operational reporting. By gaining a clear, up-to-date picture of your everyday operations, take active control in your business strategy and plans.

Enabling data entry and collaboration from many sources

Bring all your systems together with Unit4’s budgeting and forecasting software. Easily integrate existing spreadsheets and external programmes into one, intuitive system. With effective change tracking and control over data inputs, spend less time in and out of different programmes, and complete all your tasks from one, user-friendly screen.

Better data security, control and visibility

Ensure your user permissions, audit controls, validation and security features are tightly managed. Delivering data security at the highest industry standard, get the control and reassurance you need out of your system. Control your user access and get a complete audit trail for all data changes whenever you need to.

The best of both worlds – simplicity and power

Designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, get a system tailored to your needs. Easily customise all budget elements, from cost, to resource to revenue. The system automatically updates changes across all departments and lets you collaborate with your team by commenting on a report. Unit4 lets everyone in your budget process complete actions instantly and accurately, reducing time to completion and increasing the quality of your plans.

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting software features

To enable you to plan, budget and forecast efficiently, Unit4 offers a wide range of capabilities, including:


  • Limitless planning horizon (weeks, months, years)
  • Limitless number of versions
  • Bottom-up and top-down budgeting
  • Scenario-based forecasting
  • Grouping of budgets in batches
  • Balancing budgets
  • Volume budgeting
  • Automatic posting of transactions, for example social security contributions, pension payments and bonus payments


  • Currency handling
  • User-defined periodical keys
  • Budget templates for quick and easy data entry
  • Mass updates of transactions (for example increase all salary transactions by 3% as of May)
  • Ability to run simulations (determine the financial impact of increasing all salaries by 3% as of May)

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