Empower your people and improve your organisation with Prosoft. This all-in-one HR Management System (HRMS) brings together HR, Payroll and employees together to better manage employee data. Streamline mundane HR admin and let employees tick off HR tasks by themselves, so you can save time and focus on the development of your people, not processes.

Agilyx and Prosoft: the people-focussed team delivering a people-focussed solution

Agilyx has partnered with Unit4 to deliver transformational Prosoft solutions to some of the largest organisations in Asia. Our hands on experience with Unit4 Prosoft and our unique implementation methodology is a seamless complement to the benefits that this HR management system solution provides.

Unlock Prosoft’s value-adding benefits

Empower your people

By automating mundane tasks with innovative HR software, Prosoft empowers your people to easily execute tasks themselves, from leave forms, to expense claims, to training. Quick and effective, Prosoft frees them to focus on solving problems and managing your organisation. With a clear, intuitive user-experience, HR managers gain powerful insights and the ability to implement changes to improve their organisation.

Easily drive and adapt to business change

Built with unique and adaptable architecture, Prosoft moves with your organisation through growth, acquisitions, cost-cutting and market changes. This change-ready system adapts quickly, seamlessly and at a low cost. Discover seamless integration of workflow, information and data, and all-in-one HR software at your fingertips.

Access key information anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re in the office, or out on the road, access all your information at the touch of a button. With user-friendly design across desktops, tablets and smartphones, Prosoft keeps your team connected and empowered to easily tick off their tasks and keep HR managers happy.

Easily adapt your solution as your business grows

With over 17 years’ experience, Agilyx is here to make your migration as easy as possible. Empowering you with the ability to adapt your Prosoft HR management system whenever you need to, our goal is to make you self-sufficient – cutting out the need for costly IT resources and ongoing consultants.

Prosoft features that boost your organisation


Clients that love this service/solution/product

“Working with Agilyx has allowed us to streamline our processes so our administration can be better managed. We were able to work with a prompt and efficient consultant who was supportive throughout the entire project, resulting in a smooth transition into our new system.”

– Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group Pte Ltd

“Our Agilyx consultant has been very professional in understanding our requirements, always had a quick response to any of our enquiries and delivered the project on time.”

– Aida Greater Asia Pte Ltd

“Siau Tyug Ang of Agilyx Asia has greatly helped us with the upgrade/migration of our Unit4 Prosoft solution. She provided very clear explanations and her knowledge and proactive approach have allowed us to complete the project within the stipulated time frame and budget, as well as achieve all the goals we set out to meet. Thanks to Siau Tyug and Agilyx Asia for their efficiency and guidance.”

– Faridah Bte Md Noor, Senior Executive, HR and Admin, The Singapore Mint

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