Turn your organisation’s strategy into action

As a COO, you need a performance management system that meets your needs and empowers you to successfully execute your strategy. Delivered by Agilyx, discover solutions that give you a full-picture view of your organisation so you can successfully implement KPIs, manage projects, and drive your organisation forward.

Discover how Agilyx supports COOs

Meet your goals and execute strategy

Agilyx implements solutions that bring together strategy and operations to gain a complete business-wide view of performance. Engage key stakeholders when you need to and get a predictive rather than retrospective approach to your operations strategy.

  • Simple mechanisms to comment on report and analytics
  • Monitor key metrics for your projects
  • Access information on the go
  • Driver-based planning across your entire operations

Keep KPIs on track

Get a performance management system that gives you across-the-board visibility over your people, and your organisation. Delivered by Agilyx, discover leading solutions that seamlessly integrate across departments, giving you up to date access to performance and KPI reports, so you can know where your organisation is tracking.

  • A valuable rollout plan with defined, specific and measurable initiatives
  • Role-specific access to view and create reports
  • Access to data sources independent of the Finance department
  • Adaptable KPI structure

Get the information to make better decisions

Implemented by Agilyx, get a solution that lets you drill down on data and get actionable information so you can make the right decisions for your organisation. Our industry-leading solutions let you disaggregate data down to the transaction level, revealing underlying trends, patterns or insights that empower you to make smart, strategic decisions.

  • Keep control of billing and cash metrics
  • Stay on top of project profitability metrics
  • Dynamically manage resource utilisation metrics

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