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CIOs need to know their system ticks all the right boxes for their organisation. Agilyx delivers industry-leading solutions that are secure, can seamlessly integrate, and are built to adapt to business change. Supporting you every step of the way, we ensure you get all the right technical specifications, a full ERP implementation plan and feel confident that your system is performing for your organisation.

Discover how Agilyx supports CIOs

A team of consultants that work with you every step of the way

As a CIO, you know your organisation best. Agilyx is here to support you and ensure you understand every part of your system and get the best ERP experience. Our implementation process is a collaborative one, we work with you to ensure you get comprehensive documentation, a clear handover, and open consultative discussions so you can ensure your system is tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • Create an ERP implementation plan with you
  • Work through challenges and risks
  • A clear and robust handover process
  • Support pre and post implementation
  • Adapt to your internal resource capabilities
  • Deliver comprehensive system documentation

We take security seriously

Protect your data and applications with the highest industry-accepted security standards. Delivered by Agilyx, get a system that is ahead of any ERP security risks and challenges. With 24/7 security monitoring, and secure cloud services and infrastructure, know that your system is kept up to standard.

  • Secure communication between environments
  • Single Sign-on supported through customer provided identity service
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Data encryption
  • Vulnerability management, including assessments, remediation and annual penetration testing and reporting
  • Unified service and information security management
  • Secure cloud services and infrastructure
  • Continuous management commitment and support for information security


Apply changes without disruption 

Get a system that can adapt to business change, without major downtime. Agilyx implements systems built with strong, yet flexible software with the capabilities to embrace your changing business practices. Whether planned or unplanned, feel confident that your system can migrate changes without major ERP risks and challenges or disruption to your business users.

  • Minimise the costs and disruptions of change
  • System changes are applied to single levels of architecture
  • Change management with software that adapts rapidly and at a low cost to organisations
  • Architecture that enables data (from multiple sources) and configuration changes to move in lockstep by preserving integrated data, processes, workflows and existing configuration attributes
  • Reduce external IT consulting costs

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